Apple Is Finally Opening An Adelaide Store

South Australians let us all rejoice, for you are finally getting your own Apple Store.

As states like Queensland and New South Wales bask in the beauty of having multiple Apple stores, South Australia has gone without an official Apple Store for some time. That was until job ads for a new Adelaide-based store popped up today.

Apple is looking for everyone from store leaders to managers, business managers, specialists, experts and geniuses to fill out the new Adelaide stores.

Now all we have to do is wait for Tasmania and the Northern Territory to get their own stores and Apple will have the country stitched up. [Apple]


    A quick google search says that Canberra does have it's own store...

      Gizmodo has even posted about it!

      After a quick headdesking, I have amended that part of the story. Ta.

        You sure about this? I do enjoy your work Luke but If you try for Northern Territory or Tasmania I also see 13 Retail Jobs. I've tried in Safari and Firefox on a Mac. I've even tried Belrose in NSW which is unlikely to ever see a Retail job (only 10 minutes from Chatswood store) and it also gives 13 jobs. I reckon the filters are screwed...

    Why? They will have to import geniuses?


    I really need a job and am almost considering applying for this despite my Android fanboyism.

    Might have to look at the job ads. Are they advertised locally? I assume so.

    Ladies and gentleman, we have now landed in Adelaide. Please set your watches back 10 years.

    How long will it take the Eastern states to make fun of this.

    Looks like someone was a little too quick to post the jobs, no Adelaide jobs mentioned now.

    I like how Perth isn't considered ^_^

    interestingly... you can search for the jobs.. but not apply.. as the positions arent available in Adelaide.. Nor does the application mention anything in SA.

    well.. at least adelaide will have SOMETHING now

    wrote up my application, go to send it in you can't actually apply in SA it just comes up in the search -__- damn should've gone into that one a bit more !

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