Apple Hides Its Latest Samsung Apology With Some Clever Code

The saga of Apple’s court-enforced public apology to Samsung continues. The first, newspaper-printed mea culpa read as too tongue-in-cheek for the judge’s liking. Now it turns out that the follow-up, a condensed contrition on the Apple Store’s UK home page, has come with a few caveats as well. Namely, that you have to go hunting for it.

As TNW reports, Apple has infused its page with JavaScript that ensures that no matter what display you’re viewing it from, you’ll have to scroll down past a barrage of Apple product ads before the apology can be seen.

That is obviously still well within the letter of the ruling, even if it spits in the face of the spirit. And it’s not ultimately a huge deal; if you were forced to run a public apology you didn’t agree with to one of your fiercest competitors, you would probably try to keep it hidden too. But it’s a reminder that these endless patent wars and their repercussions aren’t always the result of companies acting in their best interests. Just like the rest of us, sometimes they’re just pouty little snots. [Apple Store UK via TNW]

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