Anybody Who Uses Buzzwords To Describe Technology Should Be Zapped

Synergy! Gamification! Likes! Viral! They're all awful bullshit buzzwords that marketing folks love to use to spin their product. The words sound really nice coming out of your mouth but they don't mean anything. If you can only describe your product with buzzwords, you already screwed up. [YouTube via The Awesomer]


    Guess I should go back to my cellular phone

    Jack Donaghy: "'New synergy' -- Does that sound odd to anyone else? Does that sound like 'news energy?'"

    Buzzzzzzz words.
    Ok: Apps, Retina, Cloud.
    Three super wanky but commonly used words that have needlessly been used by marketers to replace the more conventional terms for what they're describing in order to make the concepts more appealing to people of very little brain.
    And they're used everywhere.

    all of these words have well defined meanings, and have their place in discussions on specific topics. the individuals who choose to use them as fillers, fluff, or in pursuit of buzz-factor are advertising their own incompetence to those who know the meanings.

    Isn't every new feature (and some old) on OSX this? Cmon, time machine, launchpad, expose.

    Does that mean Gizmodo and Lifehacker will stop using the word "Cloud" to describe any outsourced/hosted IT product?

    Oooh, ooohh, even better, does that mean they'll stop thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread?!?!

    Not quite in the vein of this article but the use of the term "Quantum Leap" in design elements etc always makes me laugh.
    I mean really, a Quantum Leap would have to be the smallest change you could make.

    "Leveraging" .... sh..ts me to tears.
    "Consumer Rankings" .. Err.. "public opinion" not good enough"

    I was wondering what that "place from Buzzword" thing was on my Indesign.
    I never used it, and I do not think I ever will now. 0__0
    So I put in "Synergy" and I get a photo of an electrocuted banana?

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