iOS App Teaches You Everything You Need to Know About Wine

As you grow a little bit older and stop taking as many tequila shots on a random Tuesday night, you'll inevitably venture into the pinky raised world of drinking wine. It's scary! It's intimidating! It's snooty! But it doesn't have to be, you can learn everything you need to know about wine with an iOS book called Wine Simplified.

Wine Simplified, which is made by the excellent folks at Open Air Publishing, is a book tailor made for iOS. There are audio pronunciations, detailed charts, tips from sommelier Marnie Old and more. Open Air Publishing has made excellent apps that break down things like bacon and cocktails and cooking in the past so it makes sense that they're making wine more approachable.

Think of Wine Simplified as an interactive book that'll teach you more about wine than you knew before. There are 90 minutes of video tastings and tutorials, dozens of interactive guided tours and infographics and a lot more. The goal of Wine Simplified is to make you enjoy wine—whether it's to figure out what aspect of wine you like, pairing wine with food or breking down the words on a wine label—drinking more wine is always a good thing. [iTunes, $10.49]

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