Almost $900,000 Ploughed Into UK Kickstarter Projects In First Week

Almost $900,000 Ploughed Into UK Kickstarter Projects In First Week

The recently launched UK wing of Kickstarter seems to be doing pretty well for itself, with the money-raising site claiming to have taken pledges for well over half a million quid, or roughly $897,000 in the local currency, during its first week of punting projects to the UK audience.

The biggest star of the UK Kickstarter scene by quite a margin is the Elite: Dangerous project, which sees David Braben, the co-creator of the classic space gaming franchise, asking for £1.25m to fund a new title in the series. That one’s currently taken £365,000 in pledges, so is clearly dwarfing everything else in terms of ambition and money pledged thus far from UK backers.

And gaming’s clearly the way to go in these early days, with innovative indie shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted also doing well for itself both in terms of grabbing headlines and raking in the cash. It’s doing much, much better than weird plays about pigeons, for example.

Now that we’ve seen it’s successful in the UK, how about Australia, Kickstarter? Hop to it, then. [Kickstarter]

Luke Hopewell also contributed to this article.


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