Watch: Air New Zealand Hires LOTR Effects Wizards For Flight Safety Video

If you’re ever lucky enough to fly Air New Zealand, you might want to actually pay attention to the safety video that plays before takeoff. The airline hired WETA, the effects shop responsible for The Lord Of the Rings films, to punch up the video.

Not surprisingly, they delivered (and then some) with a short film called An Unexpected Briefing that looks like it takes place in Middle Earth.

Keep a close eye out for cameos by actors in the film, the great grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien, and even Peter Jackson himself. But only so you can ask yourself “Why?!” [YouTube via Neatorama]


    Good to know they're going back to good safety video's!

    The one Air NZ has had for the past 12 months just... sucks.

    Time to visit New Zealand for Gollum in the airport and Fly Air NZ

    enough people think NZ is actually full of orcs and hobbits and weird chicks with long ears already, this video only perpetuates a (pretty funny) negative stereotype.

    Oh for Christ sake!!
    Now I'm tearing up over a damned safety movie!!??
    I think I need to see someone :(

    Same here mate! I think I need to see my Shrink ;-)

    NZ sure is getting some mileage out of those movies, aren't they?

    Good to see they take safety seriously with only 1 pilot :p

      An FO at that...

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