Adorable, Yet Horrifying Metro Trains Safety Video Quietly Becomes A YouTube Sensation

Safety ads, especially government ones, tend to be solemn, sometime heavily emotional affairs in order to drive their message home as directly as possible. So, has anyone tried to deliver one of these warnings in a more upbeat tone? How would you even accomplish that?

Melbourne's Metro Trains has had a crack -- a crazy successful one -- by taking a page out of the Happy Tree Friends book and mixing cute with horrifying. That... and it has one heck of a catchy tune.

At the time of writing, Metro's "Dumb Ways To Die" clip has amassed over 1.75 million YouTube views and 42,500 likes and the accompanying song is sitting in the #6 position on iTunes' global charts, as this Mumbrella story points out. The song is also available over at Soundcloud, along with a ringtone, if that's your thing.

Australia's attempts at more offbeat advertising have a tumultuous history, especially compared to New Zealand, our more inventive brethren across the Tasman. Take "Legend", the drink driving ad that proved popular internationally (it currently has 2.3 million views) and made ghost chips an incorporeal comedy sensation... of sorts.

Both ads have managed to spread far and wide, but one has to wonder how effective they are. Unfortunately, it's somewhat difficult to correlate accident statistics with YouTube views.

[YouTube, via Mumbrella]

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    That has to be one of the funniest public service announcements I've ever seen! WTG Metro!

    I'd rather this song be playing on CityRail PA system rather than those safety notices

      omg If that started getting played randomly over the train intercom or at a station while waiting that would truely make my day :)

    Um.... Entertaining and unique as that was, wasn't it a little too graphic? Just imagining scores of outraged Sunday soccer mums.

    Pretty sure most train-related fatalities in Melbourne are the result of suicide. Is that a dumb way to die because it inconveniences passengers?

      there's plenty due to pedestrians at boomgates, when the run past the first train and get collected by one going in the opposite direction. I remember last year two people got hit in the space of a few weeks, both wearing headphones, one in the scenario i just mentioned and the other was running along the trainline, near a bike path. Both accidents.

      Also, Logan, Metro is not a government corporation, metropolitain trains in melbourne have been privatised since the 90's.

    its cartoony enough that the parents will prob be ok with it. lets face it while they arnt playing soccer they are prob playing call of duty anyway

    That ad is so cute and funny! I wish Gruen hadn't ended.

    I hope this ad doesn't run in front of 2 year olds. My kids would be horrified.

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