A Techy Tuxedo That Keeps You Looking Good And Dry When You Pop Champagne

Though it's growing incredibly rare to find occasions to wear tuxedos, it's also growing incredibly common to pop bottle of champagnes when one wears a tuxedo. But though champagne and tuxedos get along swimmingly, champagne on tuxedo is not as nice a combo. That's why Proof NY decided to make a techy tuxedo that can repel water and dirt and champagne.

Here's Proof NY describing the tuxedo:

The Proof NY Tuxedo sports a jacket with a tailored silohuette and pants with a similar fit to our Spelman Pants (though a bit less tapered). The classic peak lapel was a clear first choice, though a shawl-version is in the works. Subtle contrast piping inside the blazer gives a peek of colour to the otherwise traditional black motif.

For the main fabric, we decided to use the same high-performance Schoeller Dryskin blend as in our Spelman Pants. The core fabric has a NanoSphere treatment to make the tux highly water + dirt repellanct (water, coffee, and yes, champagne, slide right off the fabric). We also decided to line the tux jacket with a black Japanese satin lining with complimentary stretch, giving the inner garment a luxurious feel while retaining freedom of movement and spectacular comfort.

Here's some more pictures of the tuxedo:

I guess James Bond knows where to go to for his next tuxedo. [Proof NY]

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