A Rucksack For Drinkers On The Move

Drinking and travel have never really fitted together very well: booze tends to impair walking or driving and, in honesty, carrying around bottles of liquor isn't always too easy either. Gin & Luck hopes to change that with its new rucksack, designed with cocktail lovers in mind.

Clearly inspired by military chic, the rucksack's made form heavyweight canvas, leather, nickel-plated hardware, and is even waterproof. The main chamber of the bag is big enough to fit a 15" laptop, too.

But the real selling point is that pair of saddlebags strapped to the side. Specifically designed with a hole at the top, they're the perfect size for bottles of liquor, wine, champagne... whatever you need to get you through. The bag also comes with a cocktail toolkit and shaker, too, so you're always equipped to whip up a drink.

The bag, with its included cocktail-making kit, costs a rather weighty $US400. It's just a shame that its function could well lead to you losing it if you're not careful.

[Gin and Luck via Cool Hunting]

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