A Cheap Way To Add A Viewfinder To Your Point-And-Shoot Camera

Viewfinder accessories embedded with tiny hi-res LCD displays can cost hundreds of dollars, and simply aren't available for every compact camera on the market. So the creators of the ClearViewer went for a more low-tech approach, by embedding a glass lens in a plastic frame that sits a few inches from your camera's LCD display.

At first glance it almost seems like a laughable alternative to a real viewfinder, but it does have its advantages. Often times holding a camera close to your face can help stabilise a shot, which is great for low-light/long-shutter situations. And with the ClearViewer mounted to your camera you can still frame your shot using its LCD display.

It's also great for using your camera when the bright sun has washed out the display. When held up to your face your head should block most of the light hitting the LCD, and any other leaks can be easily shielded by your hands. A tripod mount version of the ClearViewer sells for $US35, plus $US18 if you prefer a premium lens. But the hotshoe mount version, which can be conveniently folded away, is a bit cheaper at $US22, plus the optional $US18 for better glass. [ClearViewer via PetaPixel]

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