Zuckerberg Predicts We'll All Be Sharing 1000 Times As Much Crap 10 Years From Now

If you thought people were already sharing way too much on social networks, you're in for a rough future. At least, that's what your buddy Mark Zuckerberg thinks and it's probably safe to say he's might know what he's talking about.

Zuck dropped the knowledge in a talk at Y Combinator's startup school today. He put it this way to Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham:

It's sort of social networking version of Moore's Law. We expect this rate [of sharing] will double every 10 years. So in 10 years from now, people will be sharing about 1000 times as many things as they do today.

That's an awful big increase, don't you think? Is there even 1,000 times as much stuff to share? With the advent of tech like Google Glass, maybe long, rambling videos will become more popular, as will insanely huge and boring picture albums, but still, 1,000 times?

The possibility Zuck seems to be ignoring here is a social crash. We've seen people arrested over Facebook posts, so maybe we'll collectively learn not to share everything all the time. That's not to say volume won't increase, but I doubt it'll get up to 1000 times as much. What would that even look like? I know I'd rather not find out. [CNET]



    Facebook will become the new Myspace later down the road. When the augmented reality glasses come forth they'll adopt a new method for social networking, Google & Apple will use their own social networks to suit the upcoming technology. If Facebook doesn't adapt then it'll fall behind.

    The title should read " Zuckerberg Hopes We’ll All Be Sharing 1000 Times As Much Crap 10 Years From Now"

    "The possibility Zuck seems to be ignoring here is a social crash"
    It'll happen soon enough and with Facebooks share price fiasco, yeah he has to try and talk it up all he can before he sells the rest of his shares.

    Given Zuck's questionable ethics when starting FB one can only look at anything he publicly proclaims wondering what he might be hiding.

    talk it up all you like zuckerberg but i don't have a facebook acount. i realized back in the myspace days that social networking is like drowning in the boring details of everyones (mine too) boring suburban existance.that and the loss of privacy. a few people i know have given up facebook for the same reasons. i'm told teenagers think facebook is a mum and dad thing. zuckerberg in 10 years facebook will be that thing some of us used to do

    nobody thought myspace would die but it did, it's only inevitable for facebook, and i for one cannot wait

    "We expect this rate [of sharing] will double every 10 years."

    Um, if it doubles every ten years, won't we be sharing twice as much crap as we do now?

      What the zuck indeed!

    Facebook really needs to be stopped/surpassed now. This whole "sharing" concept has shown us just how awful human beings really are.

      It's also shown us how awesome people can be too. Perspective is a big deal yo.

      Although really you're not suggesting people become better, you're just saying we should be kept ignorant to the bad things people do :/

    100 times the info? What are we not already sharing? We post photos and videos as fast as our connections will upload them, we check in and tag locations to say where we are - as far as I can see, there's no longer any technological barrier to sharing info and data about ourselves. If we're not already doing/sharing it, what is it?

    Maybe the only thing I can think of that Facebook might implement is a P2P shopping service, like a trading post? You put up an ad for something you want to offload, it's advertised to a scope that you set (set to "Friends of Friends" by default, naturally *rolleyes*), if someone likes it they click Accept and pay you in Facebook Credits (which you buy in advance), Facebook takes a cut, you ship it to them.

    They might even take that to its logical extension and allow businesses to trade and make transactions straight from FB. Most businesses currently pay for a main website where they do their trade, then have a FB page where they advertise and try to drive traffic to their main site. It would be in FB's best interests to improve their services to the point where a business can just have the FB site.

      Clearly the next frontier is what one might call "passive sharing", a.k.a. opt-out spying on everything: what you're seeing, hearing, saying, your heartrate, your movement patterns, location, purchases, your work, status of your domestic relationship, bank balance, public transport usage, home occupancy...

    '1000 times as much' is a figure of speech, an exaggeration, why would you even think to take that as a serious, quote-worthy, and headline worthy comment. Common sense, man ffs.

    " and it’s probably safe to say he’s might know what he’s talking about. "
    No actually, it's probably not safe at all and his statement pretty much proves it.

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