YouTube Takedowns Just Got Slightly Less Absurd

YouTube's automated copyright takedown system is nothing if not robust, often to the point of head-shaking ridiculousness. But even though the company's trigger-happy Content ID isn't going away anytime soon, it's at least getting a much-needed kick in the pants.

YouTube's moves to improve its copyright violation detection technology doesn't mean it'll be perfect from now on, but at least it might clamp down on all of the frivolous claims that have plagued the service and its users for years now. According to a post on its creator blog, YouTube has improved its detection system to cut down on erroneous claims, improve its matching technology, and — perhaps most important — streamlined its appeals process to fix wrongful takedowns faster.

Would any of this prevent, say, NASA's own Mars Landing footage from being taken down by trolling news services? Maybe not. But at least it would help get it back up faster. [YouTube via Engadget]

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