You Can Pre-Order A Padfone 2 In Australia Right Now

It's been established that the ASUS' Padfone 2 is a bit of a looker. Shame it won't be available in Australia until the first quarter of next year. Unless, of course, you order one today from MobiCity, in which case a Padfone 2 could be yours sometime early November.

An article at Ausdroid has the scoop, where it's mentioned that MobiCity will only have 30 units of the black model available for early purchasers. Those hoping for local 4G compatibility will be disappointed, with the MobiCity product page suggesting support for 3G only.

Including shipping, you're looking at a spend close to $970. If you're OK with the price and can't wait for next year, this is your best chance to snag the hybrid device a couple of months before the rest of the crowd.

[MobiCity, via Ausdroid]



    Pre order page indicates the padfone 2 has a Micro SD expansion slot by providing the option to buy extra memory.
    Padfone 2 does not have micro SD expansion slot.

    For $970, I could get a really good smartphone and a really good tablet.

      Doubtful you could get a really good 10inch tablet and something like an sgs3...

      This is a really good phone.... Look at the specs...

        But not from a reliable company....Look at the brand...

    How's the battery life?

      The tablet is nothing but a screen and a battery, so you would think the additional battery life should be good.
      Other than that every android user knows it's not the battery but how you use it...

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