You Can Go To Jail For Selling An R18+ Game To Kids

Mark over at Kotaku has taken a look at the new laws surrounding the incoming R18+ legislation, and it contains some pretty serious stuff. Turns out that you can be jailed in Victoria for selling an R18+ game to a minor. There are even huge penalties for displaying a game where a minor might see it.

Selling a video game to a minor can cop you six months in jail along with some heavy monetary penalties, and in NSW the case is mostly the same, with hefty fines for offenders, but it looks like you'll dodge the slammer.

Are video game stores going to have to stock up on beaded curtains and back rooms like the video stores of old did? [Kotaku Australia]


    Well, that seems totally fair and well warranted to me. After all, those same restrictions are totally there for alcohol and cigarettes too.

      i agree, but the whole "There are even huge penalties for displaying a game where a minor might see it." is a bit over the top unless it has naked or extreme gore on the cover... which i doubt will happen anyway.

      guess they will live on the top shelf lol

      We'll need plain packaging on those video game boxes...

    Strong fines are probably better but if we get 18+ games in Australia I'm all for the tough legislation.

    If it makes retailers more stringent and accountable then I see nothing wrong.

    i dont think anyone has any issue with this seems exactly right to me and similar laws are in place for other things with age limits, perhaps not as harsh but meh.

    the real issue is that the new ratings themselves are rubbish and dont at all reflect what the community wanted

    Strong fines are fair enough -- after all, it's a little pointless having this law without a deterrent. But actual jail time? Does selling a video game to a minor really warrant removing someone from society?

    The price to be paid for getting what we wanted I guess. I wonder how this would be policed on eBay... Lol.

    Just opened up my M15+ copy of resident evil 5 to see R18 plastered all over the disc - Straya!

    Haven't they pretty much ruined the R18+ rating now anyway? It'll just be MA15+ games re-labelled, and everything that was RC will continue to be RC?

    I'll just keep buying my adult games from the UK, I get the original uncut version and pay $20-$40 less.

    I always asked anyway, but not being able to show a cover? Jesus Christ on a cross.

    Getting jail time for selling to a minor, fair enough. Bit having to hide the games from minors in store, probably a bit far.

    Although i can understand why, like the article said, are stores going to have an adult section out back which only grants access with proof of ID.

    Just stick with tougher penalties and constant reminders to store staff about jail time if they sell to minors.

    So, MA15+ games can now land you in the big house in Australia, thank god for New Zealand and Mightyape.

    The Australian government couldn't organise a root in a brothel.

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