You Can Follow The Daredevil Jumping From The Edge Of Space Live [Updated]

Tonight, Felix Baumgartner will jump 37 kilometres, from the edge of the stratosphere, and land on the Earth for the Red Bull Stratos mission. It's an amazing stunt, and 7Mate is set to cover the jump live, from space, basically.

Update: Sorry folks. The launch was pushed back due to high winds. You can find new instructions on where it's happening and how to find it at our updated post.

You'll be able to watch the jump live at 11PM AEDT (10PM AEST) tonight on 7mate.


    Not gonna lie.. That was pretty intense..

      Missed it. What happened?

    According to their official site, it got pushed back an extra day?

    I think it's not until tomorrow now (at least that's what the YouTube video says) and 7mate just has Family Guy / American Dad scheduled.

    Are you sure it's going to be on 7mate? Coz it looks like the yahoo7 tv guide hasn't been updated. I'd hate to miss this.

      just now saw the other comments, cheers

    The jump shedule has not changed. A little under 15 hours to launch. It is tonight 10pm aest (or 11pm aedst). Tuesday night guys. Tonight :)

    According to the Red Bull Stratos website at time of writing its 13hours 20 min to go.
    Which would make it 11pm in Melbourne.
    I can't find it on any local TV guide, they may not have updated (can someone check the EPG)
    Otherwise you can watch it live from the red bull website.

    Is there a sign-up sheet for this. Even without the Two Steps from Hell soundtrack, sci-fi sound effects and bullet-time, I have GOT to give that a go.

    Redbull couldn't give him wings but doesn't mean they cant make him fly :P

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