Watch This Humanoid Robot Dance Gangnam Style

You guys need to stop worrying about robots taking over the world. What you need to start concerning yourself with is their inevitable plan to dominate talent shows the world over, with "CHARLI-2", the technological marvel above, leading the competition.

Created by the smart people at Virginia Tech's Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory in the US, CHARLI-2 has aroused the interest of the country's navy for fire-fighting duties, among other tasks, but until he's put into action, he'll be practising his sweet Gangnam style moves.

As Wired's Danger Room writes, this guy is a dancing beast. He's basically owned the competition at RoboCup for the last couple of years -- RoboCup being an annual soccer competition, founded in 1997, for talented mechanised beings. Though it's obviously expanded to encompass a few other events, too, which Virginia Tech apparently also dominates.

I can't help but get a weird I, Robot vibe from this thing -- the movie, not the Asimov short. It's probably just the shiny white chassis... and not its slowly-developing sentience and desire to kill its creators.

[Danger Room]


    So, I see this article's title: Watch This Humanoid Robot Dance Gangnam Style
    Then I see the one below it: These Disgustingly Gross Home Offices Will Make You Vomit
    We could simply combine them to: Watching This Humanoid Robot (Or Anything Else) Dance Gangnam Style Will Make You Vomit.
    While it's a well done job for Virginia Tech, I can't help but feel that they're efforts could have been better used on something other than feeding an internet viral.

    Er, it's a display of the robot's dexterity. All they did was put the display into current context.

      That was meant to be a reply to Nick

        I hear you, dude. Wy people feel compelled to whine and moan about the things they see is beyond me. If you didn't like it, move on to something else. I, for one, enjoyed watching our future masters learning how to dance. Keep smiling, everyone!

    vtech just kicked in yo

    why not learn the context of a meme before you use them like a retarded Scarface re-enactment.

    Besides.. its V-Tech and that is not a Honda...

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