World's Thinnest Gaming PC Punches Above Its Weight

Far too many gaming PCs are hulking beasts. They don't call em "towers" for nothing. Digital Storm is trying to fight that chunky, space-stealing trend with its new Bolt PC. Billed as the world's thinnest, Bolt's form is certainly slender, but it doesn't want for more under the hood.

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So what kind of body are we talking about here? The Bolt's case is 14 inches tall, and a mere 3.6 inches thick. For comparison that's just two inches taller than the launch Xbox 360, and mere tenths of an inch thicker. That svelte chassis is designed specifically for heat dissipation and space efficiency, which is how it can still manage to pack an Intel i7 3770K CPU, up to three hard drives, a NVIDIA GTX 680 2GB graphics card, and 16GB of RAM at the high end.

The Bolt starts at $US1000, gets up to $US2000, and gives your more traditional monolithic monstrosities a run for their money — especially in terms of form factor. So if space is an issue, and you want a tower you can pretend is just a kick-ass console, the Bolt might be right up your alley. Who says small has to mean puny? [Digital Storms]

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