Windows 8 Seems To Involve A Lot Of Dancing

Windows 8 Seems To Involve A Lot Of Dancing

The barrage of Windows 8 videos continues to pour out of Redmond this week in the lead-up to the Windows 8 launch this Friday. For your consideration, we now present you with some of the danciest, backflippiest and most colourful videos you’ve ever seen for a new operating system.

The first one depicts parkour jumpers (read: people with more muscle than sense) getting about their free running before dropping back into a live tile on whatever we’re calling that new UI now.

The second is a funky number that I think shows off more of Windows 8 than any video before it has. It’s a couple dancing and during their dance, they are using gestures to hip-hop and pop-lock windows into place.

I’m not quite sure, though, why so much dancing is required to advertise a product you’re mostly going to use while sitting on your arse.

Are these ads going to work?