Windows 8 Seems To Involve A Lot Of Dancing

The barrage of Windows 8 videos continues to pour out of Redmond this week in the lead-up to the Windows 8 launch this Friday. For your consideration, we now present you with some of the danciest, backflippiest and most colourful videos you've ever seen for a new operating system.

The first one depicts parkour jumpers (read: people with more muscle than sense) getting about their free running before dropping back into a live tile on whatever we're calling that new UI now.

The second is a funky number that I think shows off more of Windows 8 than any video before it has. It's a couple dancing and during their dance, they are using gestures to hip-hop and pop-lock windows into place.

I'm not quite sure, though, why so much dancing is required to advertise a product you're mostly going to use while sitting on your arse.

Are these ads going to work?



    Still not a mouse in sight.

      Do you think that they need to advertise mice? I think most users already know about them.

        But do users know how to do everything in the new start screen with a keyboard and mouse? I can't remember which corner is the hot-corner to bring up the charms menu.

        They could minimize negative first impressions by showing people using 8 with a mouse.

        These ads all just scream to me "Don't upgrade unless you have a touchscreen"

        I am smart enough to know that isn't the case, I just personally dislike their strategy. A touch first approach is just not something that I personally like.

          Of course "users know how to do everything in the new start screen with a keyboard and mouse", given that it is exactly the same as doing anything else with a keyboard and mouse - left-click, right-click, click+drag. Nothing has changed, except that the major scroll axis is now horizontal, which will become obvious the first time you use it.

          There is a big difference between an ad and a training video. MS aren't trying to sell you the same old Windows, they are trying to compete with iOS and Android to claw back customers who have traded in computers for toys. I am sure they will have a separate strategy for desktop customers but that is not where they need to concentrate their effort as that will come in the fullness of time anyway, once users have a chance to see for themselves how much better Win8 is.

            I get what you are saying, but I still disagree with their strategy. Look at the sales figures of Windows 7 vs Total iOS devices (525 million vs 315 million based on the figures I could find). Most people's first experience with Windows 8 is going to be on a traditional PC. If those users first impression is negative then how many are going to rush out and buy a Surface?

            I am not saying Microsoft's ads should be tutorials, I am just saying that mix up the little circle indicating touch with a cursor every now and again.

            I also disagree that "it is exactly the same as doing anything else with a keyboard and mouse". The specific actions are still the same, but knowing what those actions do is the issue. Check out this video of somebody spending 4 minutes figuring out how to get back to the start screen.

            Yes, he only needs to learn it once, but it is still a negative first impression. If any of the above ads showed somebody switching from desktop to start screen via a hot corner then the issue would be lessened.

              I agree that the first impression is going to be bad. Very bad for many but showing someone using Win8 with a mouse in a TV commercial is not going to change that. To show the exact procedure in a way that made sense to viewers wouldn't work at all. Putting the Start button back in would. It is the one really stupid thing MS have done with Win8. It was there in the Dev Preview and they should have kept it, there is absolutely no reason not to. It is a really dumb play but who knows what they will do with the final version? For all we know, the first time you start Win8 they might have a big animated arrow pointing to the bottom-left corner and telling you in large flashing letters to "click here" to get the message across. Because once you know what to do, it ceases to be an issue.

                I am thinking they could easily make a fun ad that showed how to do some of the interesting windows 8 stuff with a mouse.

                Open silently on the desktop. The cursor moves down to the bottom corner and launches the start screen. The music kicks in. Quick cuts of tiles showing updates. Quick cuts of app switching and docking. Showcase some apps like Xbox. End with a tagline like "Welcome to the new Windows"

                You catch the user with familiarity, then shock them with innovation. "It's Windows? Where is the start button?", METRO EXPLOSION, "What the heck? That looks cool"


                  Although, I'm not sure how people are going to interpret "METRO EXPLOSION". Tiles? Subways? Effeminate men?

    The second one has a Bollywood feel.

    Maybe it's some sort of induction for tech support.

    Wouldn't mind reading something about Windows 8 for once (in a positive light).... it seems all the attention goes into the apple articles.

    I'm sick of all the dancing. Everywhere. All the time. I love new tech, but I'm not going to dance around it.

    Minor point, but that's Free Running, not Parkour. Parkour is about efficiency, not doing flips and shit.

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