Windows 8: Only Upgrades On Sale In Australia

Want to buy a full version of Windows 8 to install on a new machine? You're out of luck. Microsoft just confirmed at its Australian Windows 8 launch that the only offers on sale today are an upgrade for existing Windows machines to Windows 8 Pro.

We already knew that Windows 8 Pro upgrades cost $39.99 online or an easily-discounted $69.99 for a boxed copy. But many readers have been asking what they'll have to pay for a copy that can be installed on new hardware.

Microsoft's official answer at its launch event: you can't do that yet. There's no official local price for a full copy of Windows 8 Pro, or for any regular version of Windows 8. I couldn't quite believe this when I asked, so I got MD Pip Marlow to confirm it. Twice.

That won't stop people ordering from overseas. But it seems like a very backward move in terms of getting geeks enthused about Windows 8. What do you think?



    Is this a bad thing being only able to upgrade from a previous windows version? It saves a lot money for normal people who can't afford $$$$$ for the full version.

    I know it might be a pain for people who use other OS programmes

    I was going to buy new hardware also just to run the flamin' software. Not only would have Microsoft benefited but also my local computer store!!!

    Oh well, off to Linux I go then!!

      On your way to Linux, could you stop by Scorptec, Umart or MSY and pick me up a copy of Windows 8 OEM? Cheers.

    Just bought three copies at OfficeWorks for $48.00 and saved over $30.00 by not going to Hardly Normal. Gerry , Gerry, Gerry.... you are a thief...!!

    Does the double-upgrade (upgrade over a fresh install) work for Win8 like it did for Win7 (

    seems to be available in Australia.

    Can't u just download windows 8 preview then install that. Them install win8 pro from its upgrade assistant?? Lol

    This article is not quite correct - there are no full retail versions, but you can still buy full OEM versions for installations on new machines. I know because we have had them in stock since Monday.
    The have also changed the rules around who can buy OEM versions of Windows 8 - if you're building your own machine you can buy an OEM copy on it's own (it no longer has to be pre-loaded onto a new machine). You can also buy an OEM version for an existing machine if you are planning to run it as a virtual machine (i.e. Mac users).

      THIS. I've checked pccasegear, umart and scorptec, and it's available from them too. I think you'll just find that they don't sell it in Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, those kinds of stores. Doesn't really affect us geeks too much. Besides, from what I've heard you can do a clean install from the Upgrade anyway. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about that though.

    "There’s no official local price for a full copy of Windows 8 Pro, or for any regular version of Windows 8."
    There is no "Full version' cost however there is an OEM cost if you buy new hardware from any one who makes PC's

    Product code for AUS is FQC-05955

      Win8 OEM standard $98, pro $148 in case you're interested.

    From everything I've seen, you can do a clean install using the upgrade version anyway, you just have to format your drive as part of the installation process

      Correct. Just needs to verify your existing W7 install. More info on Ozbargain for people who are interested or want to pick the upgrade up for $14.99!

      The problem there though, is that it won't install onto a brand new machine, you need to have Windows 7 installed to begin the installation process which would then allow you to perform the format & install.

    been selling windows 8 for the past 3 days lol

    I'm guessing this is so computer retailers can't sell pre built machines with windows 8 on them. Microsoft want's the exclusive hardware sold first.

    I have a PC running XP so i want to buy an upgrade. If i do can i do a fresh install or does it have to be an upgrade?
    Also if i want to put in a SSD in a few months time and pull out the old HDDcan i install windows on the SSD with the upgrade install or do i need to buy the full version?

      found a bit of an answer

      Windows 8 actually has a reformat setting built in. It's called "reset your pc." No serial key or installation media is required.
      But let's say your hard drive fails and you can't use Win8's "reset your pc" option. What you would do is reinstall XP and skip entering the license key. You can enter it, but it's not necessary since you're upgrading to Win8. Afterwards, you upgrade to Win8 and enter the Win8 license key.
      You can use that same Win8 license key as often as you'd like, as long as your motherboard/cpu remain the same. If you ever change those parts, you can call Microsoft and explain the situation to them. They'll either revoke your license or give you a new one for free.

      Even better option

      For those of you concerned about the re-installation path: I highly recommend creating a system image once you have a fresh Windows install, set-up just the way you like it.
      Once your computer fails, or if you just want to "refresh" your system, you format your disk, apply the image, and BOOM you're back in action. A fraction of the time it takes to install several operating systems and more software.

      From XP Fresh install, however the $15 upgrade wont work for you, using the $70 one and just simply wipe the drive

    I just bought Windows 8 Pro in a box from JB HiFi and did a fresh install. Never asked to confirm ownership of Windows 7. All seems to work fine, except (again) the default account created on install is an Admin account not a User account - despite this being Microsoft's recommended configuration.

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