Will You Read Julian Assange’s New Book?

Will You Read Julian Assange’s New Book?

Julian Assange has penned a new book about his worries over government control of the internet and surveillance. Co-written with Jacob Appelbaum, Jérémie Zimmermann and Andy Müller-Maguhn, the book will be published in November.

Assange explains:

“In March 2012 I gathered together three of today’s leading cypherpunks to discuss the resistance. Two of them, besides myself, have been targeted by law enforcement agencies as a result of their work to safeguard privacy and to keep government accountable. Their words, and their stories, need to be heard.”

Did he just say “cypherpunks” without laughing? Yes, I think he did. Anyway, the news begs a bigger question: Will you, or anybody else, read it? [New York Times]

Base image: Gothopotam/Flickr