Will.I.Am And Simon Cowell Creating Reality Show To Find The Next Steve Jobs

One question seems to continue to buzz around the heads of the entertainment industry over the last 12 months: 'who is the next Steve Jobs?'. To help answer the great question, Simon Cowell of American Idol-fame and Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am are reportedly teaming up to find technology's next great visionary via a new reality TV show.

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BBC is reporting that Cowell and Will.I.Am are working on "The X Factor For Tech", having recently met to discuss the idea face to face. It's something that would only be run in the UK and I imagine they'd get enthusiastic start-up folks through to pitch for their lives and make the cut.

I was just about to say something along the lines of 'OMFG FAIL what a stoopid idea lololol!!1', but then I stopped and thought again.

Despite the fact that reality TV is awful, "the next Steve Jobs" is likely to want to play things up for the cameras. He was a great showman, after all, so why shouldn't the one who follows in his footsteps be equally as keen to play it up for the cameras? [BBC]

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    I... Don't get it.

    If they pitched it as start-ups squaring off in an apprentice-ish kind of manner, maybe... But what are they looking for? The guy in front of the camera (ie, businessman), or a techie.

    I just don't get it. Then again, I don't get reality TV. At all. Ever.

    Yes... Good way to steal ideas then implement them yourself.

    Don't you need a tech visionary to find a new tech visionary? I don't think that creators of a reality TV show qualify, but eh.

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    This could get very interesting! There isn't really a tech show like this. Like I said, this could get interesting!

    yeah seem there just looking for a junior tech visionary who has a dream and clever marketing. can already see the winner of the show been a sort of one hit wonder...cant exactly see them crowning some x factor champion and them working straight into the role of ceo of microsoft or something

    I never watch garbage TV like X-factor or similar moron-bait, but I believe their strategy is generally to manufacture a market for their "winners" using the audience from their shows as well as through the cross marketing deals that the show gives them access to- all under the false banner of "looking for talent."
    Basically the people they squeeze out would be very unlikely to float to the top in a real world situation.

    Given that, it's hard to see how they could possibly have much to do with finding "another Steve Jobs".
    The only crossover I can see was that since Jobs became a massmedia darling in the last decade of his life, all this show might be looking for is simply another nerdy person with a sort of "cool" air about them that the media and their audience love madly. There is no other correlation.

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    I personally don't see this working. Do you actually listen to the winner of x-factor's music? All the good singers come from the underground, exactly where steve jobs and bill gates came from. The next real tech visionary won't come from a reality TV show but rather build their company from the ground up...

    A real visionary won't need to be found via a TV show. They're too busy doing it themselves.

    What a pair of corporate whores those 2 are.

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