Why Does LG's Leaked Nexus Phone Have A Sparkly, Bedazzled Back?

These are alleged leaked photos of the new LG Nexus device, which fits snugly alongside previous leaked photos and rumours that multiple carriers will carry a Nexus phone this time around. It looks about right, but why does it have sequins?

The backplate seems to be bedazzled with shiny bits, which makes it look slightly different from generic black rectangle Android phones. The phone also seems to be running Jelly Bean, but there are conflicting rumours that the Nexus phones might launch with Android 4.2 (Key Lime Pie). Either way, LG making Nexus hardware is good news, since it's been making quality hardware for a while now — but it also makes some positively dreadful Android skins. [Android and Me via Ars Technica]

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