Why, Aston Martin, Must You Cheapen These Beautiful Machines With Facebook?

Why, Aston Martin, Must You Cheapen These Beautiful Machines With Facebook?

I’m out covering the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney today. There’s a bevy of content coming from the country’s premier showing of car pornography, but I couldn’t let this one slide. Aston Martin — the brand synonymous with British style, old-world charm and tactical motoring precision — has brought its supercar to the show: The One-77. It’s incredible. So how then, could Aston Martin ruin it? By adding Facebook of course.

For those not familiar with the One-77, shame on you. It’s a 2-door, 7.3-litre V12 supercar with a top speed of 354kph and an asking price of $7 million. Not to mention the styling. As motoring anti-hero Jeremy Clarkson put it: I’d rather be in an Aston Martin than Keira Knightley.

This car sits alone at the Motor Show. It’s penned in by glass with beautiful, clean white space surrounding it. The only thing that interrupts this pristine pen of crisp whites and magical machines is a cheap looking banner with the words “Like On Facebook!” plastered up it.


“Liking” this particular One-77 on Facebook gets you access to exclusive content relating to it like photos and videos. While it’s nice to see a bit of interactivity on the show floor, this is still very wrong.

Seeing a supercar is like spotting a unicorn. It’s a special occurrence. Let people tell their friends via word of mouth or through a text or a wall-to-wall post that they saw the unicorn. Don’t plaster a QR code and a “LIKE US ON FACEBOOK” all over it. Then the unicorn is no longer special.

Banner aside, though. I could look at the One-77 all day.

Stay tuned for more Motor Show content as the day goes on.