Why, Aston Martin, Must You Cheapen These Beautiful Machines With Facebook?

I'm out covering the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney today. There's a bevy of content coming from the country's premier showing of car pornography, but I couldn't let this one slide. Aston Martin -- the brand synonymous with British style, old-world charm and tactical motoring precision -- has brought its supercar to the show: The One-77. It's incredible. So how then, could Aston Martin ruin it? By adding Facebook of course.

For those not familiar with the One-77, shame on you. It's a 2-door, 7.3-litre V12 supercar with a top speed of 354kph and an asking price of $7 million. Not to mention the styling. As motoring anti-hero Jeremy Clarkson put it: I'd rather be in an Aston Martin than Keira Knightley.

This car sits alone at the Motor Show. It's penned in by glass with beautiful, clean white space surrounding it. The only thing that interrupts this pristine pen of crisp whites and magical machines is a cheap looking banner with the words "Like On Facebook!" plastered up it.


"Liking" this particular One-77 on Facebook gets you access to exclusive content relating to it like photos and videos. While it's nice to see a bit of interactivity on the show floor, this is still very wrong.

Seeing a supercar is like spotting a unicorn. It's a special occurrence. Let people tell their friends via word of mouth or through a text or a wall-to-wall post that they saw the unicorn. Don't plaster a QR code and a "LIKE US ON FACEBOOK" all over it. Then the unicorn is no longer special.

Banner aside, though. I could look at the One-77 all day.

Stay tuned for more Motor Show content as the day goes on.



    I believe you're over-stating the price of the One-77. $2 million is the asking price, not $7m...

      I think he may have taken the price from a Chinese Yuan conversion. There were 5 One-77s sold to Chinese owners and after all the taxes and expenses they worked out at around AUS$7m.

      EDIT: Plus I think Aston Martin just charged a huge asking price because they could!

      Last edited 18/10/12 11:35 am

      $7 million is the asking price in singapore and hong kong which is expedited by tax and import charges and car ownership is extremely expensive. A Mazda 3 in singapore will set you back some $105,000 - $120,000

    $7 million? Wasn't it something like $1.8million for the car alone, but adding tax, stamp duty, import duties and insurance brought it to about $2.7million?

    It's still the most expensive new car in Australia, but a bit shy of $7 million.

    Get over it.

    This might be a little politically incorrect, but you'd think they could've found a more attractive girl to man the desk at the display of one of the world's most beautiful cars.


    I despise Facebook and any company that encourages its use. Aston Martin is a brand rich in heritage and values and it is a shame they would cheapen their image like this.

    The car is privately owned and that Facebook page is the owners Facebook page. Not sure why he is publicising his car.

    So people shouldn't be allowed to post about supercars on the internet? It should all just be word of mouth?

    Why don't you give that a try and see how your business model pans out.

      As a result of posting this on FB, Aston Martin has now sold a whopping 2567 cars in 2 days.

        Well there goes any quality control then..! :)

    I read it as they had put Facebook integration into the car. Face it. Things could be a lot worse than just a banner and QR code..

    Make more sense than blending iphone5's or SGS3's... just saying that's all. :-P

    For a moment there I was really worried - I thought you meant the car's in-dash system was somehow integrated with FB... so you could "Like" things such as doing 354km/h and join a One-77 owners FB group.

    Looking at it, isn't it the owner - "Gotham" putting it on Facebook and seeking "likes"? Its not Aston Martin's doing - once they sell a car they can't stop the attention seeking owner doing things like this.

    Meh,.. Just happen to have a spare $7 mill in my pocket but I think I'll spend it on something special. Maybe take a trip and see if I can find that unicorn Luke was on about,.. have it stuffed for my kids to play on!

    What is the difference between a 'wall to wall post' and a 'like'? facebook is facebook

    I don't believe this is a display by Aston Martin. This vehicle is owned by a gent in the Gold Coast, and as the One-77 has sold out it's likely to be the only One-77 in Australia, ever. I dare say the mob who run the motor show paid a bit of cash to have it come to the show as a draw card. (It's super effective)

    Whatever the story, I'm flying down to Sydney tomorrow mostly for the motor show. I look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

      Regardless of who owns it. It's cheapening what should be a luxury experience.

        Yes your right posting it on the dirty plebs website, he should have posted it to RICHbook.com so he could continue to have his luxury stylings.

        I do tend to agree with you Luke, but look at Ferrari. They are the biggest sellouts. A Ferrari theme park???

        Also this Car is a promotional tool for affordable Aston Martins, like the Veyron is for VW.
        Thats where the bread and butter is.

    A few thoughts:-

    - As others have pointed out; there are far bigger problems in the world than a relatively small inoffensive sign promoting a page on Facebook.

    - It's a sign, if you don't like it; turn around a look at something else.

    - If you can't manage to tear your eyes off the car and it's signage - look at it this way; the car is there out of the generosity of a private owner who allowed the Sydney International Motor Show display HIS(/her?) property. You're not entitled to feel that it's cheapening your luxury experience, because it's not your car.

      You have totaly missed the Authors point.

        The author's point is moot:
        1. This is not an Aston Martin display. It is a private display by a private (un-named owner) who has contracted his car out to AIMS and is receiving compensation accordingly;
        2. The car is not a $7 million car. The sale price of this car is in the public domain and was widely reported when sold to the QLD-based owner some 2 years ago;
        3. This is not a new car. It was released in 2009 with deliveries from October 2010. Its a 3 year old car and really has no place being at AIMS. The reason this car is at AIMS is as a drawcard, to attract all those punters who love to look at beautiful rare cars - not punters who can actually afford to buy one
        4. I doubt very much whether one person in this forum has ever owned an Aston Martin, therefore has little to offer on the "cheapening" of the brand. Furthermore, I doubt there is one AM owner out there who would give a toss that some white sho-ed Queenslander has rented his car out to the Motor Show, nor would they feel that it had cheapened the value or experience of their own car.

    Here I was thinking they had added Facebook to the console, the ultimate narcissistic pleasure would be having posted via One 77 on status updates

    I think the only person stupid enough to buy this overpriced Fugly Aston would be the kind of person who uses Facebook. Save yourself some cash and buy a nice Aston martin.

    So why is [ www.one-77.com ] not hosted ???

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