Who'd Have Thought You'd Ever Lust After A Tape Dispenser?

It's not often something as mundane as a tape dispenser is worth a second glance. But then again, most of the office supplies on your desk weren't created by one of Alessi's talented designers. The Filo is as minimal as tape dispensers can get, and that's what makes it beautiful.

Explaining why your expense report includes a $US30 charge for a tape dispenser might be a challenge, when most rolls come with a plastic dispenser for free. But when you point out how much more content at work you'll be with this object of lust on your desk, your manager will understand. And it paves the way for that thousand dollar diamond studded stapler you've been eyeing. [YLiving via BLTD]


    Sooooooo. It cuts tape.............. and what else?

    I've got a pair of scisors here. They're better than that thing cos they can cut tape and paper.

    But wait thats not all they do.

    They can also be used when you can't find your nail clippers.

    I'll start the bidding at $100,000.

    Do I hear $1,000,000?

    So I try to get tape and the dispenser rolls along the table. A one handed task just became two handed now that's innovation.

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