Who Knew Take-Away Containers Made Convenient Little Greenhouses?

If your green thumb is itching for a garden that your cramped apartment can't facilitate, it turns out those take-away food containers in your fridge can double as clever mini greenhouses. Well, you can with these specially designed translucent plastic boxes that look like take-away food containers but still let sunshine in.

Created by Italian designers Francesca Bonfrate and Alessandra Bove, the Serravaso planters are part of Bubble Design's Green Kit, which lets you garden with limited real estate. With the lid closed, the containers trap heat and humidity creating the perfect greenhouse-like environment for seeds to mature into plants. Once your crop gets big enough, you can open the lid giving them more room to grow or transfer them to a larger container.

The smallest version of the kit, which includes three containers, is priced at just under $US40. But if you've got the room, the larger $US70 set might even put a few vegetables on your table. [Daily Review Shop via Design Milk]



    Articles like this always make me giggle.. this is stuff that people have been doing in their own home, using their own recylced containers for decades.. and now someone wants to sell that to you as a "new thing" ? :) lol

      Did an Apple marketing person recently join Giz or is someone just taking a leaf out of their book.

      Coke and milk bottles also make good greenhouses for taller plants. cut the top off one and the bottom off another a bit of duct tape or even some blu tak and you have a water tight green house. Good for growing plants that you have to keep away from the home and cant get to them to water them all the time.

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