Who Is The Best James Bond?

Opinion has always been split on who the best Bond is. Connery versus Brosnan. Dalton versus Craig. With Skyfall coming out next month, debate is going to be hotting up once more. Arm yourself with stats so you can be the best Bond-battler you can. How much did Lazenby drink compared to Craig? Did Brosnan kill more people than Connery? Let Giz be your guide.

The infographic (God I hate that word) from The Economist tells you everything you need to know about how randy, drunk and lethal each Bond has been.

We already know how many people Bond as a character has killed, but now we're breaking it down by actor.

For what it's worth: Brosnan is a stone-cold killer, Craig is the most drunk Bond, but he's also the one getting laid the most, too.

Who is your favourite Bond? I'm a Daniel Craig guy, myself.[The Economist]

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    Tough call between Brosnan and Connery for me....

      Brosnan got a raw deal, he was an excellent Bond but was saddled with some of the worst movies. Goldeneye is still my favourite Bond movie.

        Same boat. I loved Goldeneye, pretty much everything else was average at best.

    If I'm reading the graph right, the middle section shows how many conquests the bond character gained or did. It doesn't look like Craig has gotten laid more when compared to other bonds like Sean. Am I reading it wrong or is that just a miss-type by the author saying Craig has gotten laid more?

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      Looks to me like he drank most, got laid least.

        Sounds like me on a night out.

        And Connery ftw.

    Daniel Craig would probably be a good Bond, if they made proper Bond films. The high class, suave, cunning Bond formula has been dumped it seems. Makes me sad.

      This. The new films aren't Bond films. They're good action movies, but they've lost that bit of zazz that made them Bond-like. And yes I know the new films are closer to the Bond of the books, but for me, the films are Bond for me.

      +1. I can't watch the new movies and think "Yeah, this is Bond", instead I think "This is an OK action flick". It's a shame as I'm sure Craig could fit the the Bond image with the semi-origin story they are trying for but it's just not working for me.

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    Any of them but Daniel Craig, he's a great action movie star but he's no Bond. He's just doesn't have the swagger of the other guys

    It depends on your expectations. Daniel Craig is definitely the Bond closest to Ian Fleming's but I still have a soft spot for Connery. Moore's Bond was a buffoon after Live & Let Die (probably my favourite Bond film), Lazenby didn't have much opportunity to do anything and Brosnan lacked the physical presence to pull it off. Dalton did OK, without being spectacular.

    Erm, from how I read that chart, Craig is one getting the LEAST laid.

    Roger Moore, unquestionably. He's full of sly humour and lechery, as well as a drunken sort of sophistication, He's wonderful. He's his own parody!
    There others are just pretty boy thugs.

      Who in their right minds would even compare the class, uniqueness and skill of Roger Moore & Sean Connery ?

    Hmm, tough one! For me Brosnan had by far the best 'look' for the suave James Bond, but Craig's Bond is a lot more gritty and real... would have loved to have seen Brosnan do one of newer Bond movies - I think he would have killed it in Casino Royale.

    Craig & Connery in a dead heat. Connery for long term awesomeness and sheer ubiquity with the character. Craig for Casino Royal, which is my favourite Bond. Skyfall looks promising.

    Craig and Connery as a tie. Brosnan and Moore honourable mentions. Brosnan for sheer cheese factor and Moore for being the best damn ladies man in there.

    Casino Royale was by far my favourite Bond, behind Moonraker and Tomorrow Never Dies. Looking forward to Skyfall!!

      When you say Casino Royale - I assume you mean the 1967 original? David Niven, all the way...

    Craig and Brosnan. But Brosnans actual movies were utter garbage.

    The problem is many people think that the Brosnan period of Bond is how all Bonds were, but the pre-Brosnan, and even before Dolton, Bond was a lot more like Craigs Bond.

    OHMSS shows Bond a lot like he was in Quantum of Solice, seeking revenge after his wife is killed.

    Craig, his Bond is three dimensional, complex and tough. Love Connery, but Craig is just a little more interesting. Brosnan's movies were shocking one liner comedy fests but I do like the actor.

    Craig by far. The older movies while being classics, are far too boring for a modern audience these days, so the style had to change to evolve or be left behind. Brosnans is proof of this - clinging onto the older style while trying to appeal to a new audience. While it may have done well, his were the first movies I fell asleep in. Craigs bond kicked some life back into the bond saga. Of the older bonds I'd say moore.

    I wanna say Connery, but i enjoyed Brosnan's portrayal and movies better, but since im only 30, his films were made when i was at an age i could enjoy them so they were made to 'my style' unlike the older ones which have a lot of story and chit chat so a number of them are quite boring in parts.

    "Craig is the most drunk Bond, but he’s also the one getting laid the most, too."
    Am i missing something, yes he is the most drunk, but has the lowest conquest count according to that graph (the height of the segment not the top point of the segment).

    Brosnan all the way... probably mainly because I grew up with him as James Bond, but the old films haven't interested me like the Brosnan and Craig era ones do. Daniel Craig is great, but Brosnan is by far my favourite.

    Roger Moore is the worst, let's get that out of the way. Sean Connery is the best. Brosnan and Craig aren't too bad.

    ARE YOU GUYS serious ? That Brosnan twit was utter rubbish !

    Nothing but a girly fanboy in disguise, had no depth in his acting, felt like slapping his expressionless face and an atrocious interpretation of Bond, who had built up soo much character that even Robert Downey, Jr. would be a more fitting bond than Brosnan ever was...

    Craig would rate much higher than Brosnan, if it were down to those two, in terms of everything manly looks, fairly classy and tough nut approach at Bondly things.

    Rethink your definition of BOND PLEASE.....
    Roger Moore & Sean Connery were the Best !!!, period.

    I have always been a Roger Moore fan, now maybe its time for Daniel Craig !

      I enjoyed your comment. Was quite appalled to see all the 'Bronson was definitely better' comments. I'm late 20's & watched Bond from 10yrs old. Brosnan films were entertaining & better than usually given credit but Moore & Connery were light years better.
      Also the story & talking parts were too boring? Slap yourself & go watch Transformers

    Brosnan and Connery - Craig doesn't have what it takes for Bond. Sure he is good in his other films, but not Bond. But you really can't go past the original.. Connery

    I gotta say Craig is the best, he is the only one I could actually believe is a double 0 secret agent. I grew up with Brosnan as Bond and have watched a few of the older ones but I much prefer Daniel Craig as Bond

    All of them. Just not Roger Moore. Far too effeminate and unconvincing.
    It has nothing to do with kills, quaffs and conquests, it has to do with being a *convincingly* suave professional soldier.

    Connery is Bond.

    Others are just variations on the theme.

    And what about David Niven and Peter Sellers?

    It's impossible to answer since so many years have passed since Connery and taste have changed over the years. but if the definition of "best" equals the one closest to Fleming's book then it has to be Craig.

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