Who Is The Best James Bond?

Who Is The Best James Bond?

Opinion has always been split on who the best Bond is. Connery versus Brosnan. Dalton versus Craig. With Skyfall coming out next month, debate is going to be hotting up once more. Arm yourself with stats so you can be the best Bond-battler you can. How much did Lazenby drink compared to Craig? Did Brosnan kill more people than Connery? Let Giz be your guide.

The infographic (God I hate that word) from The Economist tells you everything you need to know about how randy, drunk and lethal each Bond has been.

We already know how many people Bond as a character has killed, but now we’re breaking it down by actor.

For what it’s worth: Brosnan is a stone-cold killer, Craig is the most drunk Bond, but he’s also the one getting laid the most, too.

Who is your favourite Bond? I’m a Daniel Craig guy, myself.[The Economist]