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    Samsung - take my money and give me a Galaxy note II 32GB with Telstra LTE bands!

    I wonder how many Apple bashing articles will be on Gizmodo this week?

      Seriously!? If Apple mess up, I damn well expect to hear about it. They are not bound to your whims, and just as they aren't mine. If you wanted blind loyalty, stick to cult of mac or something.

    What the hell is going on with line of sight in X-COM: Enemy Unknown? Of all the things to get wrong. Losing soldiers is all well and good, but losing soldiers by having them shot from the other side of walls/trains/boulders/shipping containers by enemies who couldn't possibly see them is a joke. I've seen it be excused on forums that "It's X-COM", and it's not supposed to be easy, but this is a bug, plain and simple. Firaxis, how could you balls up something so fundamental that they were able to get right back in 1994?

    Can you please explain to me why sometimes some of my posts go into awaiting moderation and then just completely disappear? These posts are not abusive or contain bad language. Is this a bug or just a lazy moderator at work?

      "Want to ask the giz editors a question? " I did, but apparently it doesn't warrant a response.

        Oh don't be like that, Steve0. Comments drop into moderation so that myself, Elly or Logan can handle it. I check them every 15 minutes and if something disappears it's likely because it clashes with our community guidelines.

          But that's my point Luke, the comments, of which there about 3 in the last week weren't offensive in any way. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what they were to give you examples. But this is why I questioned whether there was a bug.

            You didn't say sh***le in any of them by chance did you? :P

              I edited this comment myself, and I'm approving it so that this reply can appear:



                LOL, don't get me wrong - I'm not trolling (well maybe a little, but only in a tongue-in-cheek fairly harmless manner); but I am rather bemused how one little word used (regardless of context) has become the subject of crusade from the editor-in-chief.

                FWIW, the comments that are on Giz these days seems to be at the most civil and (largely) constructive I've ever seen them - it's just a shame that moderating comments doubtlessly comes at a cost of you guys writing more articles.

                  I do spend a lot more of my time than I would like to trashing and moderating foul commenters, to be honest. But the reason you're seeing largely civil discussions is the result of the strong hand we're taking to keep it constructive.

                  Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to someone at a pub, don't say it in the comments box. Think of Gizmodo comments as our communal pub catch-up.

                Although to be fair when i first saw sh***le i thought Sam had said shuttle and thought to myself why is the word shuttle offensive and then i realised it was the word that must never be spoken around these parts.

                  I still don't even know what that word means.

    I'm looking at building a rig for my Logitech G25, I've barely used it as the saw horse/dining chair combo I have sucks lol. Has anyone got recommendations on sites for DIY instructions? Hoping to make it on the cheap, but don't want to make it out of wood.

    Just wondering any used/tried Pokki yet?


    Saw a VERY brief review of it on another site, and it definitely looks intriguing.

    Thats it, i'm over the iPhone, i was in a phone store and playing around with a Samsung Galaxy S III and loved it but the only thing that sucks is i'm still stuck to Vodafail for another year and a half before i can upgrade.

      You could recoup some of your losses selling your iPhone, there's still a market for the older models. You'd probably get enough to pay for most of an unlocked Galaxy Nexus. :)

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