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    I am Spartacus.

      Pictures or you weren't actually a Thracian leader of the slaves in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic (c. 109–71 BCE)

    I'm stuck in a dilemma, as fellow whitenoisers (if its not a word then, it is now) might now i am currently in the process of upgrading my PC, everything is done except i have to save up for a decent video card. My dilemma is that should i buy a GTX 660 ti or save up a couple more hundred dollars and buy a GTX 680.

    The only thing is that i am not sure if it will fit in my case as i think its got about 265mm of clearance between the back of the case and the drive bays and i only have a 620W PSU. I have read on the net that a 620W PSU can handle a GTX 680 but cant handle overclocking and SLi (which is alright because i only have one PCI-E x16 port anyway)

    I still have a while to go before i have enough money, my estimates is somewhere in mid November i should have enough dosh saved up.

      If you're going to do it you might as well go big ....

      If you're tight for room, the GTX 660 ti is probably your best bet. It's still a solid card, and a bit of space can make a big difference in regards to heat management - If those fans can't get any air then they're going to struggle. The 660 will also do better power-wise. You don't want to be close to maxing out your PSU all the time.

      No matter what you get, there'll always be something bigger and better. Don't let this darken your enjoyment of what you have.

        My case has a fan on the side which should allow more air to get to video card, i have seen a couple of decent 680 cards, a Galaxy Geforce GTX 680 4GB and a Palit Geforce GTX 680 Jetstream 4GB, both $639 from PC Case gear, which both are 254mm long which if the card clearance is to be believed that should leave me 10mm of space between the video card and drive bays.

        So i guess my next job is to open up the case and measure the gap myself.

    Have you thought about getting a decent 670?

    A mate wants to get a new phone. he has an iPhone 3g now, but hasn't actually bought an app off of iTunes before (which I was surprised by) He loves his mac, hates iTunes and doesn't know if he wants to get the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3. I said it might be better for him to go for the Galaxy as his is a lot more hackery skills and enjoys to customise but he wants something durable.
    So I guess the question is, which is more durable, iPhone or Galaxy?

      I wouldn't bother with either!

      If he's not going to run apps and just wants a nice fastER running phone I'd look at an S2 or nexus as they're cheaper or maybe the 4S on the apple side?

      If he just wants a phone with a bugger screen I don't think that the iPhone 5 would be that sensible to buy.

    My HP laptop is almost 2 years old, the screen is shot, the touchpad is worn out, the optical drive wouldn't ever read CDR or CDRW discs, they always show as blank discs. The thing screams it's head off as soon as you load a flash video, or a game with high video settings which causes it to shut off from heat after 15 or so minutes, it's still a decent machine with good graphics and stuff... I'm thinking about pulling the guts out of it and mounting it in a PC case or something... What would you guys recommend, has anyone done this before?

      Im not sure if you can recycle anything from a laptop, maybe the ram, CPU and the HDD. The graphics might not be so lucky as its most likely an intergrated chip.

      You might be better off buying a new laptop or building your own cheap PC and recycle the parts that you can.

        You might be right, I might just use the laptop as a media server or something, it's awesome until it overheats, which only happens when playing high resource games.

      Your first issue would be mounting the mobo to the case. The holes probably wouldnt align(thats if there are any on your board) with the cases options for mounting.
      Your next issue would be that the ports are likely to be on at least 2 sides if not all four sides of the board - I'm thinking, USB's on both sides, HDMI and VGA on one side, a card reader at the front and power and network inputs in there somewhere as well.
      Even if you can somehow mount the board to the case, getting cables running in a functional way would be a nightmare... And whats to say pulling it all apart, would stop the issues you are having with the machine overheating? I know there would be more room for heat to disperse but you're unlikely to have pins for additional fans nor the power to run them.

      I agree with Luke - buy a new laptop or build a new PC. You can build a pretty decent machine for under $1000 easily.
      Sadly, the only thing you'll really be able to move to the new machine is the HDD - And you would need a bracket for it to mount properly($15-20 uMart). The RAM and CPU are incompatible with PC Mobos(I'm certain on this with RAM, CPU's - I cant keep up with so they may have boards that can take a laptop CPU). But if its anything like the DELL's at work, the CPU isnt coming off easily...or at all.

        Thanks heaps man. For what I've read, it's certainly not the greatest option. I could have put USB extender cables, I could even extend the HDMI and RGB ports... I'd probably need to get a case mount ethernet socket to extend that, which isn't worth it... The card reader isn't really needed though, that's a bonus... The end result would look pretty damn ugly, not that that bothers me too much, but yeah, looking into it, it's certainly not worth the effort.

          No worries.
          There are a lot of things you could do and eventually and painfully, it would work. But like you said, it would be ugly and costly.
          One thought I did have earlier was that in line with using this as a media server, remove the screen and anything else you can to cut down on weight and heat and then mount it to the back of a TV - HUGE(assuming you have a big TV) all-in-one hybrid. Plug in a wireless mouse/keyboard and perhaps a remote and that would be a pretty sweet way to revive the device.

            .... I like that idea... I like that idea a lot!!! When I get around to doing something with it, I'll let you know on whitenoise.

              Sounds good! I have a 4year old HP that I kick in the guts every now and then when the tablets not enough and the PC is too far away. I may have to give that the same treatment :)

      Good chance that opening it out and cleaning out all the dust and stuff will make it run a lot better.


    For those that are interested I just got a notification that my new ipod nano has been shipped. Not sure what that means for stores yet.

    Does anyone know why "Australian Popular Science" web page (www.popsci.com.au) is now coming up as "IIS7" (http://www.iis.net/) ?
    Were they taken over, or hijacked? Can't find any info on it anywhere!

    Holy bum nuts, it actually snowed here in Adelaide early this morning, the summit of Mount Lofty which is about a 20 minute drive east of Adelaide.

    I have been living here the whole 22 years of my existence and i have never seen that, i have seen the roads covered in a thin layer of hale which makes it look like snow but never actual snow. The thing that is seriously weird is that its spring.

    I have noticed articles from the US Gizmodo are taking a few days to be cross published to AU this week. Are you taking a bit more time to add in local information or just short staffed this week?

      To misquote The Prodigy: Always Outstaffed, Never Outgunned.

      We choose to run articles in different spots to suit the local schedule. More of a curated experience for Australian readers.

        Is there an AU Giz mobile RSS feed? I've only ever found the US one in Pulse.

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