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    Australian's in America::

    I had a good week - they had Okterberfest in Sept, but whatever.

    Anyone else here just.. have a lot of fun in the US with an aussie accent?

      Oktoberfest is celebrated in September in a little place called Germany also.

    Also: I'm in debates with friends. Just bought a proliant server for home use - money waster reporting in.

    I want an AD server, I want a linux box, a streaming box, and an SCVMM box.

    So far leaning towards a linux server, CentOS, with a 2008r2 VM for AD. Flexible in thought though.

    I have access to any MS O/S too - MSDN subscriptions can pay off

    Any updates on the new ipod range? (release date etc.)

      Nothing yet, but the new iPod Nano has me sadfacing. No more iPod watches...

    I got a raspberry pi last week and I've been futzing around with it by placing xbmc on it.

    It's amazingly good, even for someone like me, who is a technology enthusiast but really a Linux illiterate. I think after a week I think sudo means "do stuff".

    Haven't gotten everything working yet. Need to get AirPlay up and running and YouTube wasn't working either. But as a media streaming device it's head and shoulders above what the 360 & ps3 are doing.

      How's the streaming speed? I've heard it's deplorably slow. Never got hands on with one myself.

      It's primarily intended as an educational tool so the speed isn't really an issue in that field, just not sure how it'd go as a streaming box...?

        I'm super happy with it! (More excited about it than my iPhone 5!)

        I'm running an n class USB dongle and overall for streaming it runs fine (mostly).

        Whenever I've run into repeated buffering errors all I've done is restarted the machine and that's solved the problem.

        I've run cabin in the woods as 1080p downloaded file, that hiccuped but a restart fixed that.

        This weekend's doctor who ran perfectly in 720p, dexter ran perfectly in SD and boardwalk empire in 720 had issues until I restarted it again.

        They've additionally started to run code to increase the clock speed on the pi, but the current build corrupts sd cards so they've nixed that for now but it's apparently still intended to be supported.

    So, family meeting time.

    There are a few things that are different that you'll notice, and we're calling it the new-look Gizmodo. It's shinier, fancier and easier than ever to use. Most importantly, Registration and Membership are now live! Whee!

    Swing on over (Spiderman-style if you like) to the announce post. I'll be happy to answer any and all questions going forward: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/10/welcome-to-the-new-look-gizmodo/

      Luke - Lookin good, nice work! A hearty congrats to all involved at Allure HQ who put it together.

      Any chance of updating us on what features the new comments system has?

      Last edited 02/10/12 1:19 pm

        @samcook High-fives to Ben White and Rob Hussey indeed. Everyone give them your best internet high fives right now...

        Here are the notes on what's different, ripped straight from here:


        Thanks to the exceptional efforts of our tech team, we’ve finally rolled out membership! You can now log in to Gizmodo and leave your comments with your own unique ID and avatar.

        Membership has its privileges. As a member, you can have your own unique ID registered to your email address for commenting across Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker, you can have your own avatar, your own profile, and you can also edit and report comments.

        You can still leave comments as an unregistered user of the site, but to report and edit comments, you’ll need to be registered.

        Registration is at the top right hand side of every page on Gizmodo. The tech team has done everything possible to make registration as easy as falling off a log. You’ll notice a few things when you go to sign up, including your username.

        We’re making usernames act like Twitter handles (the only difference is that you can’t change it after it is first set). That means they have an @ in front of them. We’re doing this so that when we roll out Notifications in your user profile, you will more easily be able to see who is talking to you, about you and with you.

        You can also select a display name, primary email address and change newsletter options once you log into your new User Profile
        User Profiles

        Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be given your own profile. Exciting!

        On your profile you’ll see your pretty face, your @username, display name and your primary email address.

        You’ll also notice Newsletters and Special Offers. We’re working on these right now, so you won’t see any content come through for a little while. Tick them if you’re interested in getting a newsletter from any of the three sites though, and you’ll be the first to get the newsletters when they come around.

        Related email addresses is something you’ll need to fill out if you’ve ever commented on Gizmodo, Kotaku or Lifehacker with any other email address than the one you’re using. By inputting that information, you’ll take ownership of these comments into your new user profile across the sites.

        Head over to your profile page and edit it so you can configure your avatar and display name. Then just start commenting!
        New Design

        We’ve thrown open the curtains, cleared off the dust and given everything around the site a major spruce. It’s the Gizmodo you know and love, just with more funky fresh thrown in. You’ll notice immediately a new font all over the page, an updated top category bar and an updated carousel. There’s loads of other smaller tweaks in there for you to see and enjoy, but those are the major ones. For example: go and log-in or leave a comment and look at the fancy bar that drops down. Very sexy.

        This is the first step in a long journey of cool additions coming to Gizmodo. Membership is the base platform we’re installing so that we can give you some more great stuff in future. Watch this space!

          Just one thing I noticed the other day, deleting comments? I tried to delete a comment and there seems to be no way to do that. I just deleted to content, but the header stays in place. Just thought I'd mention it, otherwise excellent work, been looking forward to this for awhile now. :)

    Its official, i am officially addicted to gummi bears, i found a local shop that sells all sorts of nuts and confectionery so i managed to pick up a kg of gummi bears, the good thing about this shop is that you aren't confined to pre set amounts i can get as much or as little as i want which is awesome.

    Anyways i am loving the new Gizmodo commenting system, i have only used the edit feature once so far but the regulars and top stories boxes still dont work for me using Firefox on Windows 7

      There are a few things to iron out which Ben is doing right across from me as I type, but we're super happy you like it.

      I can't eat nuts so I'm all out of answers for you there. I'm afraid of Gummi Bears though. WHAT MUST THEY DO TO ONES TEETH?!

        I heard somewhere that sugar isnt as bad for you teeth as first thought because it can easily be washed off with water, iirc they said that potato starch is worst because it sticks to your teeth and eats the enamel. Come to think about it i think i saw it on Qi.

        That sucks, Are you allergic to certain nuts? I someone i know who is allergic to citrus and cant eat most foods because they contain citric acid or 330 and worst yet is that i knew a kid in primary school that was allergic to chocolate.

    hey @lukehopewell, why do i keep getting a popup saying to view this page i must log in to allure media and asking for my password??

    Last edited 03/10/12 9:30 am

      That's weird. You absolutely shouldn't be getting that. Where do you see it and can you take a screenshot?

        seems to have gone now, happened when i clicked on my Gizmodo home page shortcut, it was an OSX dialogue box popped up before the page loaded, when i clicked cancel it loaded the page anyway, then i clicked on the white noise link and it happened again, had to cancel it about 3 times before it went away. Hasn't happened since.

          I think that's just from something we were testing on the back end for a few minutes. Sometimes it accidentally bleeds over into the front end. Let us know if you see it again, ok?

            hasn't happend since, and ive been off and on here all day cause ive done my knee. boredom kicking in..

    I spent the weekend playing with an Arduino. I love it, It's very simple to program if you have any experience in programming. The circuits are the hard part, but if you've got a general understanding of electronics, all the information you need is on the internet.

    So far I've made a control system with Standby mode. When the unit is switched to standby, it won't receive any commands other than power on. Once powered on (Via physical button, or a command sent over serial from the computer). I can send it more commands, including turning a fan on, making an LED blink or steady and adjusting the LED brightness via PWM... My plan this week is to make an app on the PC which will listen to spoken commands which I can use to control the Arduino. I want to put an IR transmitter (And possibly a receiver) in the unit. That way I can say "TV OFF" and my TV will hopefully turn off. Other commands are XBOX on/OFF, Bluray ON/OFF, Volume down etc... It should be fairly simple, I've just downloaded the Microsoft speech API which I'll use to listen for commands... I assume it won't be as accurate as something like SIRI, but I expect it'll do the job... I seem to remember you had to go through a full on set up program with speech for windows Vista, I'm not sure about 7 yet, perhaps Microsoft collected all the training data through Vista and hopefully applied it to a new, improved system which doesn't require any setup... If that's not the case, I'd assume that'll happen soon enough. I plan on making a system with a very simple configuration method... I'll let you know how I go.

    So, after months of waiting for the iPhone 5 to replace my iphone 4 (its 2 years old and battery is starting to get a bit ordinary as it gets flogged every day), having seen the reviews and actually played with one that a mate has, I'm now pretty sure I'm going to make the big switch to the nokia 920 when it arrives, pending a couple of reviews of course. Anyone out there familiar with the windows phone eco system?? any advice as to weather its a good move? I would love to hear some real world users opinions.

      I'm making the exact same switch. My iPhone 4 got written off a few weeks ago, and I don't want to replace it with another iPhone so I'm going phoneless in hopes that the 920 is going to be a great phone... At this stage the 920 looks to be boss.

    F.A. Tomblin and K.Lucas, both pharmacists, reported in Medscape News for Nurses that in a literature review on the use of lysine, they found six research studies that supported utilizing lysine to avoid reoccurrence of outbreaks.

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