When A Backpack And A Couch Really Love Each Other... You Get This Crazy Thing

This is what you get when furniture and luggage are involved in a Star Trek transporter accident. Designed by Belgian label Quinze & Milan, the "Club Sofa 01" merges the storage capabilities of a standard backpack with, well, the sitting characteristics of a couch... and they didn't even need some alien plant to get the job done.

Constructed of "rigid polyurethan foam and cordura", the Club Sofa 01 measures 150 x 71 x 100cm and comes with around 14 pockets (that I can see / deduce) of varying sizes. It's unlikely you'll cart it around, in fact, I don't think anyone would, but it does provide comfort with storage, something the living space deprived would appreciate. Though it's not the most attractive piece of furniture in the world at €1639 ($2027).

[Singulier, via Geekologie]

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