What's Kiefer Sutherland Been Up To Since 24? Making Dynamite Cupcakes, Obviously

Whether he's saving the world in 1440 minutes, or baking delicious treats with mixers akimbo, Kiefer Sutherland never seems out of place with that penetrating stare and gravely voice. In this ad for Acer and its ultrabooks, Kiefer gets his Jack Bauer on once again, only this time it's to get his near-deadly baking business off the ground.

I don't think there's anything wrong with Sutherland pulling out his most recognisable TV persona for the odd, well-produced commercial — I mean, it worked alright for Richard Dean Anderson and a certain credit card company.

When do we start to worry? When he starts selling, oh, I don't know... actual cupcakes?

[YouTube, via CNET]

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