What Would Happen If Those Coca-Cola Polar Bears Really Drank Soft Drink?

I once loved everything about soft drink. Its amazing refreshing ability, its sweetness, its bubbles — it was magic in liquid form. But of course it came with the cost of ridiculous amounts of sugar and calories. So I cut back. But for people who don't cut back on soft drink? Watch out. Here's what would happen if those cute Coca-Cola polar bears really drank soft drink.

It starts innocently enough! A little bit of happiness followed by a little bit of weight gain. But then comes the diabetes and insulin shots and erectile dysfunction and leg amputation and holy crap, soft drink really isn't good for you.

The video was made by Alex Bogusky for the centre for Science in the Public Interest (a group who hate soft drink more than you love it). [YouTube via The Real Bears via Consumerist]

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