What If Tech Companies Used These Beautiful Vintage Logos?

Google has one of the most iconic logos of all time, in spite of itself. There's nothing charming about it except for its massive, comforting familiarity. But what if Google (and the rest) swapped in a luscious, retro look?

British designer Alex Leyton gave Google, Facebook, YouTube, and plenty more a serif makeover with the increasingly popular Lobster font — a pretty giant departure from the dull, modern approach lots of tech companies use now. As he says himself, the results are mixed. But plenty of them are straight lovely.

This new Google is probably my favourite, if only because the current typeface is so stale. The company could use a playful look to combat its robot rep.

YouTube looks nice — but maybe a little too Coca-Cola with that bright red?

Another terrific take, but something looks off with the .com portion.


Check out the rest of Leyton's experimentation here.

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