What Do You Think About Product-Specific Kickstarter Campaigns?

The Une Bobine is the latest Kickstarter campaign to go from an inkling of an idea to a fully realised product. And from the looks of things, it delivers on its promise of making a cord into its own smartphone stand. But here's the thing: the iPhone model was conceived before the iPhone 5 came out, and before Lightning was even a rumour.

There's no way the company could have planned for this. But there are probably a lot of iPhone 5 owners who funded this before they even realised what was going to happen with their phone. Now they're stuck with a $35 30-pin cable they probably won't get much use out of. And it begs a larger question: Is it worth it to fund tech-heavy products like this? Especially ones which are dependent on some outside gadget? [Photojojo]

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