Wellington Airport's Wicked Gollum Sculpture Must Be Seen To Be Believed

New Zealand, you're getting cooler by the day! Just look at this wonderful, massive Gollum sculpture, which now hovers playfully over the food court at Wellington Airport. Built by the folks at the Weta Workshop and installed in a brutal, three-day hoisting marathon, the installation is part cultural enrichment and part (you guessed it) promotion for Peter Jackson's upcoming flick The Hobbit.

The sculpture, which weighs 1.2t, is made from epoxy resin over polystyrene. It's 13 metres long and about three metres high and shows the freaky former ring-bearer frozen in time catching rainbow trout.

The clip above shows the instalment being brought into the airport (under wraps, of course) and carefully constructed. I guess 72 hours is a lot of time to get something like this done, but not the most relaxing affair when said hours are crammed together and cannon-balled. Bravo, Weta, bravo.

[YouTube, via The One Ring]

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