Watch Giz Editor Luke Hopewell Talk iPad Mini On Ten Breakfast

The iPad Mini. Does it exist? Are we really going to see it on October 23, and if so, what's it likely to be sporting? Gizmodo Australia's fearless editor Luke Hopewell went down to Ten Breakfast this morning to talk all things tablet.

Luke and co-host Kath cover everything from iPad Mini rumours through to the Microsoft Surface, and we even see the admission that Paul Henry is stealing Wi-Fi down at his local bus stop every morning. Change your passwords, folks.

Hit the link to watch the video. We'll post a YouTube link when we have it. [Ten Breakfast]


    I saw you on there this morning but the TV was muted so thanks for posting the link :)

      YOU MUTED ME?! Probably for the best, really.

        The TV was muted before you came on, I swear.

          You know what's not muted. Those colours in that screen grab. Holy saturation batman.

        Why do you have grey hair in your giz pic but brown hair on the TV?

          I have always had dark brown hair?

            I'm one inch from the screen looking at your pic below my comment and I see a tanned face with grey hair. Mind blown!

    You know if I was going to go on TV I would get a hair cut/trim and iron my clothes - no sense reinforcing the "nerd" stereotype.

    The clip would have got more viewers through this site than it ever would have had on C10 this morning.

    Luke hopewell in: the small mystery of the iPad.

    Rumours are it is going to be priced from $250. Not $350!

    Morning TV Luke? You're only one step away from p0rn! :-)

    Well done Luke! The nerves must have been racing?

    Politely commenting on someone's obvious lack of personal grooming when that person is a guest (representative of tech savvy users) on a TV show is frowned upon here. The posts will be deleted, not because they're true but because they somehow counter Giz community guidelines.

    didn't someone at gizmodo get changed with stealing an Apple prototype phone?

    My Microsoft mouse is offended at that video. Microsoft did make hardware dammit.

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