Watch Dogs Being Awesome At 1000fps

The world can be an upsetting place at times. But no matter how badly your day might be going, there's one thing that can always bring a little cheer back into your life: dogs! Dogs fetching balls, dogs diving in pools, and dogs just being generally awesome at 1000 frames per second.

Sure, this is just a commercial for Orapup, a lickable tongue brush for pups that promises to eliminate dog breath. But it's hard not to buy what they're selling with an ad like this. Besides, according to my colleague: "THE WORLD NEEDS MORE HAPPY", and this delivers smiles in spades. [Orapup via Laughing Squid]



    I don't see the point in watching a clip with 1000fps when my screen refresh rate is only 60Hz, meaning I can't veiw anymore than 60 images in a second... Then again I could be wrong :)

    More Happy ?
    "Chippy's Day in the park"- Youtube
    Have a smile, it's not awesome1000fps Advertising Footage....... just doggy fun footage

    In the spirit of Dogs + Water = Happy, here's another one I got this morning that makes you feel all warm and happy inside:

    I read the title and expected to see attack dogs in slow motion, as in "watch dogs". It is so Friday in my brain.

    This is some incredible videography :')

    I got all excited and thought it was the video game Watch dogs that was announced at E3 :(

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