Using Your iPhone To Detect Ear Infections Also Keeps The Doctor Away

Forget that daily apple. Researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory University have developed the Remotoscope, an accessory that turns the iPhone into an ear-inspecting otoscope so doctors can diagnose and treat kids remotely in the event of an ear infection.

It's a simple clip-on attachment that puts a scope over the iPhone's camera lens and flash allowing it to snap photos of a child's ear canal. An accompanying app magnifies the image and sends it along to a pediatrician who can study it remotely. Ear infections can be caused by a virus or bacteria, the latter requiring antibiotics to treat. So parents could snap a photo of a child's ear every morning allowing the physician to monitor the progress of the infection and prescribe antibiotics only if needed — which helps reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance.

The Remotoscope is currently undergoing clinical trials and the researchers hope to publish the results by the end of the year. However, there's still no timeline as to when consumers might be able to get their hands on the tool. [Emory University via Fox News]


    Welch Allyn also has an $80 clip on for professional use.
    I would warn against anyone just picking up an otoscope and sticking it into someones head, especially kids. Even trainee doctors have been known to perforate the ear drum with these things.
    The way that the unit is being held without support against the head is DANGEROUS. Infact, I failed several 3rd years in clinical skills for exactly this faux pas.

    Why check for ear infections when you can get brain cancer!

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