Using Facebook Without Numbers Is Like Growing Up Without Peer Pressure

You might not think of it at first but Facebook actually has a ton of numbers to it. Notifications, likes, friends, mutual friends, comments and so on. There's always some number hovering over you, influencing you so what if you used Facebook... without numbers?

Artist Benjamin Grosser has created Facebook Demetricator, a browser extension that removes all numbers from Facebook to see if people would use Facebook any differently. Grosser says:

No longer is the focus on how many friends you have or on how much they like your status, but on who they are and what they said. Friend counts disappear. '16 people like this' becomes ‘people like this'. Through changes like these, Demetricator invites Facebook's users to try the system without the numbers, to see how their experience is changed by their absence.

I think it's sort of interesting. Huge numbers can catch our attention, no numbers would make our attention focus on the actual content. It's like growing up without digital peer pressure. Sort of. [Ben Grosser via The Creators Project]



    As (for better or worse) a Facebook user, this really intrigues me. I'll definitely be checking this out once I'm home.

    Very Interesting. People kinda strive on them numbers. I have 1000 friends, i got 23 notifications. 45 people liked my post, 35 people commented on my post. Take those away and guess it isnt social media but more just media.

    I thought the whole point of Facebook was the numbers to show everyone how awesome you are.

      i must have missed the memo. i use it to keep in touch with friends.

      I thought the point of Facebook was to make money through marketing and advertising via a service that preys on people's basic needs such as acceptance and approval.

        Rise by 32%, but still a quarterly loss for them.. i guess it aint going THAT well.

    The narcissists love Facebook BECAUSE of the numbers. They feel power and belonging because they have their 1000 friends and likes. It would actually be quite a useful tool if this 'no numbers' was rolled out across the board and many people who have reservations about using Facebook may change their minds. But for me it does not matter - I will never use Facebook.

    not using facebook at all shows that you are not a boy-man or girl-woman and you have finaly shruged off puberty

    Psh, REAL number lovers are out there on the forums, fighting to stay atop the list of top posters all while avoiding the spamhammer.

    People who click on spam links and invite other people to play stupid games or install random apps on Facebook are annoying, but no more so than people who don't use Facebook AND feel the need to tell this to everybody they meet and post in every story to boost their superiority complex.

    Some of us use it logically - sharing photos, news and links with friends while being mindful of privacy settings and not posting anything too personal, revealing or stupid (most of the time) or running around collecting as many 'friends' as possible.

    This extension looks very interesting and might be fun to play around with, although I don't see myself using it long term. Some metrics are helpful like how many unread notifications you have and how many common friends you and another person have. Yes, some metrics like total friends and total photos etc are pointless, although it can help to indicate what kind of user they are ("3000 friends? Suuure." "5000 photos? Someone's a poser.").

    I'm also more likely to open a comment thread that has 10+ comments rather than 2 because it's more likely to have something funny/interesting in it. Also helps to stay away from drowning in threads with 1000+ comments.

    This comment was thoughtful and interesting. My sentiments made more articulate. :D

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