Turn Your Passbook Into A Time Machine With These Historical Tickets

If you've got an iPhone, and your Passbook app has been sitting lonely and unused, there's a short-term solution to the problem; fill it out with some gag tickets.

Flon Solutions has a whole bunch of fake tickets, spanning all kinds of different events. You can pick one up from famous flights, posing as pilots like Orville Wright or Charles Lindberg, or ones from famous historic events ranging from the serious, like President Obama's inauguration, to the also-serious, like the premier of Star Wars.

Obviously these passes aren't going to do anything for you, but an empty Passbook isn't going to do anything for you either. You might as well have some fun with it, right? [Flon Solutions via 9to5Mac]


    Yay, the wonderful all-singing, all-dancing ios6, with it's great new apps passbook and apple maps.
    One does nothing and the other has no content...

      Also, the site runs disgustingly slow when you try and access it. Tried safari and chrome on ios and firefox and chrome on mac, refuses to load even after 15 mins of leaving it.

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