Tiny Foosball Table Lets Play Almost Anywhere

Why drop hundreds of dollars on a regulation-sized free-standing foosball table that's just going to take up space? For a mere $US75, you can get XD Design's beautiful Gol table that you can plop and play anywhere.

You also don't have to wrangle three other friends to get a game going. Its compact size means there's only two spindles of soccer/football players per team, so you only need to find a single willing friend. The action is still fast-paced, and you only have yourself to blame for every single goal that's let in.

[XD Design Winter catalogue (PDF) via Fancy]

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    $75? That's pretty cheap.

    Especially since it comes with 4 buttplugs.

    That headline seems grammatically incorrect... "table lets play" sounds very off, though it might be technically correct. [noun] [verb] [noun] seems alright, but it's a weeeeird usage of the word lets, I think. "Allow" would be much more natural.

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