This Replica Myst Book Plays All The Myst Games

Hiding a comic in the book you’re supposed to be reading is so 1950s. 2012 calls for something considerably more advanced, which Mike Ando delivers with his replica Myst linking book that hides a built-in computer and touchscreen display capable of running all of the PC games.

Ando actually started with a 135-year-old copy of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, which was still in pristine condition and visually matched the linking books appearing in the games. From there he custom built a compact Windows XP PC with a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 32GB compact flash card holding the OS and all the games.

The five-inch 640x480 touchscreen display is admittedly a little disappointing in this age of buzzwords like “retina display”, particularly when Ando is selling his creation for $US15,625. [RIUM+ via Geekosystem]


    Anyone have a spare $15,625 USD I could borrow for a while?

    Didn't we have this article yesterday already?

    Hey, that's my Myst book! :D

    The display's that size because it matches exactly with the size of the linking panel used by the book in the game. The reason why it's 640x480 is because that's the native resolution of Myst, Riven & Exile (the others are resolution-independent). This means you get 1:1 native pixel mapping & it provides the crispest image, with no blurring like there would've been if I used a 1024x768 panel. :)

    Also, for what it's worth - I'm an Aussie from Brisbane :D

    A bit pricey for something you can only turn on with a pair of tweezers...

    Would it be wrong for me to say that if it took Ando six years to make and he wants $15k for it, then he neither knows anything about computers or economics...

      It's not exactly mass produced, last I read he wasn't actually selling it either, that's just what it would take him to part with it.

      Building a full-size computer is easy. Building a computer in a space that's twelve centimetres wide & has to consume so little electricity it won't overheat? Not so much. I had to hunt down some VERY specialised components for this book, and if it takes you 40 hours to hunt down a part that ends up costing $29.95 then another 10 hours to modify it further and install it, your time becomes the main expense. I'm not slow, but there was also a lot of trial-and-error because some manufacturers didn't list 100% accurate sizes on their spec sheets. 1 millimetre matters when things are tight!

      It's not so much "for sale" as it is a price to stop people saying "I want it, I will buy it off you, I'll give you $200, I'm doing you a favour that's more than it's worth, be thankful" (which has seriously happened, more than once). Though given minimum wage and the many hundreds of hours I spent, it's about reasonable heh :p

    Would it be wrong of me to point out that there's an app for that - it's $7.5 in the app store and it's available for the New iPad in Retina resolution instead of on a 5" screen...#justsayin

      No, becuase the entire point of it is being a world in a book, because thats what myst is about. But it does lead to the question of why you couldn't just make the mock book urself and stick an iphone in there, lol. I have the original hardcover copies of the myst books and they'd probably do a fine with a bit of elbow grease.

      Last edited 31/10/12 5:56 pm

      There sure is... But it's not in a book, and the iPhone has the wrong screen size/aspect ratio to work as a linking panel image if you just slot it into the right book. Compare it to the in-game screenshots of the Myst book, it's very obviously the complete wrong size & aspect ratio.

      But more importantly, using a phone or a tablet means you can play just Myst & Riven. This plays all the Myst games, including the more recent 3D ones like Uru & Myst V: End of Ages. ;)

    Cool creation. Considering the age of the games the 640x480 screen is pretty appropriate :P

    But does it play real MYST?

      The part of the video after I first turn it on, where it's at the dock on Myst island, is actually taken in-game from realMyst. You can see the water lapping in the lower right :)

    Shouldn't this page have Advertisement written across the top?

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