This Quirky Short Was Filmed Entirely On An iPhone 4

I doubt Peter Jackson will be reaching for his smartphone when considering what gear to record his next opus on, but for more conventional folk, you can create some impressive moving pictures with the humble mobile. Take this short film by director Alberto Corral. Called "SYNC", it was recorded on a regular iPhone 4 with the help of a steadycam rig and polished in Final Cut on a MacBook.

The clip, which weighs in at a little under three-and-a-half minutes, shows that skill can to a degree compensate for the shortcomings of hardware. Lighting for instance can be tricky to get right on simple mobile camera, but Corral manages to handle it just fine here.

The flick itself was posted online at the start of the year, but appears to have slipped under our radar until now.




    OMG it was filmed on an iPHONE!! Stop the presses! This is truly the future. Never before have I heard of a short film being made on a phone! This is amazing!

    If the fact it was filmed on a phone (specifically an iPhone, because other phones don't have cameras apparently) is the most exciting and impressive thing about this, I certainly feel sorry for the creator.

    Unique choice of video camera, not so in the choice of music.

    it's a really nice piece and the haters are just sad. when the Nokia came out with a decent camera people were excited. this is a decent camera in a phone a huge number of people have. so it's inspiring.

    it's a very nice piece the editing is pitch perfect and the lighting an post production is great. the biggest problem with a phone camera can be how light weight it is which takes a bit of extra planning of shots. it's done really nicely.

    it's so great I no longer have to get out the old sony handy cam with the stupid little tapes to make something. even make something great if I choose.

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