This Is What It’s Like To Work For NBN Co

This Is What It’s Like To Work For NBN Co

The national broadband network is being besieged politically, with both sides using it as a lightning rod to gather supporters to their cause. The Coalition uses it to demonstrate the government’s fiscal irresponsibility and the the government uses it to demonstrate its nation-building credentials. So how do the National Broadband Network Company’s (NBN Co) staff feel about their work?

From the looks of things, they barely even notice.

This video from NBN Co’s HR department popped up online yesterday, presumably in a bid to fill the over 100 job vacancies they have all over the country right now.

Of course, because it’s a glossy HR video, we’re not about to see weird or off-putting material like the NBN Co dungeons or anything like that. Regardless, these people all seem to be good folks enjoying their jobs.

Would you want to work at NBN Co? [NBN Co via Delimiter]