This Is James Bond's New Phone

James Bond is not only a vehicle for awesome action, mystery and intrigue on-screen, but he's also a vehicle for some of the greatest product placements the movie world has ever seen. Sony is one MI:6's "favourite" tech houses, and Bond's new phone for the upcoming flick Skyfall has been named: it's the Xperia T.

Sony announced the Xperia T as the "Bond phone" last night via Twitter with an action-packed trailer. Boats, car chases and roof jumping, oh my.

The Xperia T is a 4.55-inch, dual-core, 1.5GHz smartphone that packs 1GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels at 323 ppi. Expect the handset to be doing some insane things when you see it on-screen in Skyfall that you'll never be able to do with yours. Still, it won't stop Sony selling the thing as a movie tie-in.

No word yet on whether it's coming to Australia. [Sony]

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