This Helmet's Retractable Sunglasses Are Like A Windshield For Your Bike

The last thing you want to have to deal with when riding your bike, particularly in busy traffic, is your sunglasses falling off. So to ensure they stay on your face no matter how rough the terrain is, the Helm from Dux features a retractable pair of sunglasses that will never go missing.

They can be raised and lowered when riding using a simple sliding mechanism, and a quick release makes them easy to remove altogether if you want to swap in a different coloured shade. By default the helmet comes with a grey tinted visor for $179, but a variety of other tints will soon be available starting at $US30. Cheaper than a pair of Oakleys, and the helmet will make you feel like a genuine fighter pilot — who still has to deal with swallowing bugs.

[Dux Outdoors via Gizmag via GearJunkie]


    buying a pair of sports sunnies that fit correctly would be as effective and more versatile for other sports... ive been riding road for 6 years and mtb for 2 and have never ever had this problem. surely it cant be that big of a deal for others?

    xbox 360... The place Proper truth Is found LMAO

    It's so simple it's a wonder it hasn't been done before

    So what I need to take my sunnies with me anyway for when I get off the bike? Can't say in all the years I've been riding that my sunnies have ever fallen off, and I've taken some pretty big stacks.

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