This Gorgeous Carbon Fibre Sled Could Be Your Perfect Ride

The best way to get around the ski slopes next winter might be in the form of this Snolo carbon fibre alpine sled. It's lightweight, it folds down for easy transport, and it looks like a Ferrari suited to six feet of snow.

Sure, with an estimated price of around $US3000, it's a little expensive. But with a steerable ski in the front and a design that lets you lean into corners, there's virtually no risk of wrapping this thing around a tree. Plus, with a sled made of carbon fibre, you won't be beat from hauling it back to the peak -- and that's worth at least a few extra runs at the end of the day.

[Snolo Sleds via Cool Material]


    And what happens when it shatters? Carbon fiber is razor sharp when it shatters. would be like sitting on a pane of plate glass and having it shattered under you.

    Snolo, giving you your daily dose of fibre when you realise that you've crashed into a tree and a mouthful of the carbon is between (or the cause of the missing case) of your teeth.

    *Que Jingle*

    Don't worry about my stupid comment, I'm buying one anyway! :D

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