This Could Accessory Make The iPhone The World's First Smellophone?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a smell has to be worth at least a few hundred more. And the next time you're chatting and come across a thought or sentiment that can't be expressed with an emoticon, maybe a specific scent could translate your feelings. At least that's what the creators of the ChatPerf are hoping.

Created by the Chaku Perfume company, ChatPerf is an iPhone accessory and accompanying app that lets you remotely trigger a small puff of fragrance, or really any smell, on someone else's iPhone. So imagine sending the smell of fresh popcorn to lure a friend to a movie, or your favourite perfume to secure a date.

The possibilities are endless, except that the atomiser accessory can only hold one scent at a time. And asking someone else to refill it takes all of the surprise out of the equation. So for $US63 it's kind of a tough sell when that winky emoji actually sums up how you're feeling about 95 per cent of the time anyways. [RocketNews24 via Popular Science]

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