This Chainless Electric Bike Makes You The Backup Generator

Your average e-bike is just a regular bicycle fitted with an electric motor. When the battery dies, you can just revert to pedalling. The new Footloose from Mando, however, takes a different approach. There's still a set of pedals, but they're used to power an alternator, which generates electricity and keeps the motor running.

The design does away with the traditional chain and gears altogether. That not only keeps the design simpler and easier to maintain, but it also means the bike can fold down to an incredibly small form factor. When it's available in European markets starting next year, the Footloose will boast a range of almost 30km on a single charge, but that of course can be infinitely expanded as long as you're willing to put in the legwork.

[Mando via designboom]


    No mention of how much leg work is required to generate x amount of power.
    I'm thinking leg work put in won't equal the same in generation. 10 min of leg work might only equate to 5 min of battery use.

      Maybe 5 minutes at 20% of the speed you would have gone had you just directly driven the wheel with a chain!

      or maybe peddling up hills wouldn't be as hard, could also use the bikes momentum and regenerative brakes to charge it and wear a solar suit and plug it into the bike haha

    Sure looks hard to chain up.

      Not a problem if you can fold it up and take it inside with you.

      or just put the chain through both wheels when it's folded.

    Yes, the direct drive mechanism is incredibly efficient, whereas charging a battery and discharging it via a motor is not very efficient at all. It might save space, but you'll be using a hell of a lot more energy to go the same distance. I guess it means you could sit at your desk and charge the battery by pedalling ... maybe that's what it's for.

    Faster, lighter, smaller than an Electric Brompton? And does a serial hybrid bicycle actually make sense? Can someone please do the math on all the inherent inefficiences instead of simply repeating the press release. 

      For an older person who lives on a yacht or in a motorhome it would be ideal. The lack of efficiency would be outweighed by the storability and range.

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