This Apple Parody Video Tells The Hilarious Truth About The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is almost here, and the advertising onslaught from Apple is already beginning to overwhelm my ears, fingers, nose, mouth and eyeballs. How many times can people hear about small and nice and powerful the iPad Mini is until they realise it’s neither as small as the iPod Touch nor as nice as the iPhone 5 nor as powerful as the full-sized iPad?

If Apple commercials told the truth, this hilarious 'banned' iPad Mini parody video would be what we would get to see on TV instead of manicured fingers swiping and tapping over hipster music. It’s hilarious. [YouTube]


    Hahaha funny stuff lol

    The least until may

    Trololol this is gold

    I Will wait for next ipad mini....which will have retina display and better cam for sure....till then...Samsung 7.7 :)

    Oh. My. God. A company released a product that isn't up to the expectations of the geek-erati.


      Not just a company, fucking Apple man.

    Subscribed to these guys when I saw the "Banned iP5 video". Fun stuff in small doses :P

    I'm guessing Apple fanbois won't be impressed, but damn that was funny. This is the future well until at least May no make that June next year.


      Last edited 31/10/12 12:29 pm

    Oh Apple... you were so yesterday.

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